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Ref. 321GB2086/N

Handlebar bag GB2086 //Black

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225.60 €

Poids : 795 g

Fitting with two leather straps on the handlebar or , and that is really better, with a ''Décaleur Gilles BERTHOUD''.
The bag MUST IMPERATIVELY stands on a front rack.
Volume : 7,3L
Cover opening on the handlebar side, closed by hook and elastic string.
Front pocket 230 x 95 x 35mm closed with leather strap and buckle.
Two flat pockets on each side ( interesting for using a narrow race handlebar).
Two rear pockets (head tube side) 100 x 65 x 35mm closed with leather strap a buckle.
Mica map reader 245 x 130 closed with Velcro.
Zipped pocket under the cover, with a mica card pocket.
Reinforced bottom with leather.
Removable inside reinforcement.
Shoulder strap.
Made with very strong cotton water resistance canevas for the body, and leather first skin for edges and reinforcements.

Other elements :

328GB1/20 Rain cover for handlebar bag //20
30.00 €